I’m still here

Nope, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet. I haven’t had anymore tachycardia episodes. I’m still at the rec center. I got a raise and celebrated my first year there in November.

And… today is day 16 of being cigarette-free. I quit smoking… and who knows… maybe I’ll even survive it. If not, there’s always the next lifetime, right?

I hope to be on here more often. Nope. It’s not a New Year’s resolution. I have only kept my last one that I made about 20 years ago… and that was to not make anymore New Year’s resolutions.

I’m off to watch a movie: The Lake House. Have a wonderful evening.


Too Cool

I’m feeling so much better. I feel tons better than the last time that she did this procedure. The last time I was badly bruised down my inner thighs and up around the pelvic area, I had problems breathing the first couple of days, and I felt so damned crappy. This time there is hardly any bruising and I feel better than I have in years. I feel completely different and I think that it’s gone for good this time.

This time around within the pages of their discharge papers I was informed if I had problems breathing I should seek medical attention immediately. I wish they had informed me of that last time. It makes me wonder what the heck happened last time. Eh… it’s over. No more wondering or worrying over the tachycardia. YAY!!!

For some reason their go-ta-sleep meds didn’t work like they should have. I kept waking up and the doctor told Sweetheart that she has no idea why that happened. She said that they couldn’t keep me down. I remember waking up one time while she was doing one of the 12 burns. I told her that I could feel that and that it hurt. The nurse administering the meds came over to me and told me not to talk. Hmmm… how were they to know that I could feel that then? Like Sweetheart said: they didn’t give me a panic button to push.

The last hour of the procedure must have been interesting though. Every 5 seconds for an hour (that’s 720 times!) they tried to make my heart tach. I believe I woke up once during that time and mentioned that it felt like it was trying to tach. Ya think? 720 times. Wow. Yeah… I think it’s fixed. If it’s not going to do it then, it’s not doing to do it now. The doc was making real sure that she got it this time.

I feel like someone scooped me out and cleaned me out. Now, I can be filled with lots of positive energy. I am so good with that. I’m sleeping more soundly than I have in years. You really don’t realize just how much you worry about something and how deeply it affects you. Especially when that something was something that could pop up at any time and, at least subconsciously, you were constantly waiting for it. I’m no longer waiting for it. That is the best feeling of all.

Thank you all for your prayers, well wishes, and positive thoughts/energy that you sent my way. I truly appreciate them all.

Oh well, I guess I’m ready.

I ‘m done with work until Friday. I’m all packed. I’m going to be taking my shower soon, having a meal, and going to bed. I can’t have anything to eat, drink, or smoke after midnight. I’m looking forward to having this done and over with.

I’ll post as soon as I’m able. Wish me long lasting success and good fortune. 🙂

I love you, Twin Flame of My Soul.

The Autumn Cat

Well, we finally got Autumn spayed and her claws removed. Sweetheart was going nuts over her being away from home for three days. Our vet here in Dinkytown keeps animals longer than most do. She really keeps a good eye on her patients. She’s great! And, her boarding fees are ridiculously low. Sweetheart was jonesing for his kitty. He didn’t like the idea of her being there for three days without her people to keep her company. I think that Autumn did better than he did about the separation.

She’s doing quite well and is most pleased about being allowed up on the waterbed with us. I know that a lot of people don’t agree with having the claws removed. Our vet is one of them. However, Autumn doesn’t ever leave the house and even with scratching posts she was ruining our woodwork. She also drew blood on the two of us on several occasions.

I’m pleased with getting her spayed since she’s no longer considering my feet sex toys. That was extremely annoying, let me tell ya. Now, she’s just a 6 pound love sponge and has become very vocal about everything that she wants; being petted, getting lovin’, meal times, and scolding us. She’s so spoiled but that’s alright with me. We just love our Autumn cat to bits!

Oh, come on already!

Well, I’m going on Tuesday for another round of RF ablation for my heart. I’m seriously hoping that this time it takes care of the problem. I’m so fed up with going to the ER and getting my heart stopped to put my rhythm back to normal. I mean, really, 55 times in the last 6 years? And, 51 of those times were in the first 5 years. It’s time for normal.

Well… as normal as can be for me anyway. Most of you know that I’m far from normal… but that’s another topic for another day. Those who have read me on Xanga have learned just from reading my old posts that I’m strange. I love being me!

So, the Love of My Life, will be posting, either from the hospital or the hotel room, sometime on Tuesday to let you all know how things went. We’re staying at a hotel because I’m going to have 5 puncture wounds in my femoral artery and we don’t feel like driving the 2 hours home after they release me. I’d rather be close in case something happens and not out in the middle of nowhere. Who wouldn’t, right?

And, now I get to learn a new blogging format. *sigh*  Love to all my old friends! Have a good one.


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